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GETT to Work

Bay Area Girls Club’s GETT (Girls Eager To Train) to Work Program is an innovative workforce development and mentorship program in Richmond and surrounding communities for Middle School girls ages 11 – 14 and High School girls ages 14-18. 

GETT to Work provides comprehensive education and training on practical employment skills, financial literacy, and the essential soft skills needed to succeed in today’s workplace. 

After participating in the highly interactive training to develop employability skills, program participants will apply their newly acquired knowledge and proficiency in a paid internship working at the nationally renowned Multicultural Bookstore. Participants will receive ongoing supervision and support to sharpen and perfect their newly acquired skills.

Complementing the workforce development training, program participants girls will receive mentorship, guidance, and support in developing goals, resumes, cover letters, job search assistance/placement, and more.

Middle School participants will receive a $500 stipend and High School participants will receive a $1000 stipend for participating and completing the training and internship.
As an added bonus, program participants will have access to inspiring guest speakers who are prominent female leaders from diverse professional fields in the Bay Area. These trailblazing professional women will share anecdotes about their life, career, goals, and challenges, and most importantly, HOW they became successful!

College Bound Girls

Serves high school girls provides them with college access networking, assistance with obtaining scholarships, SAT prep, and help completing college applications.

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