Corporate & Foundation Giving

Corporate and foundation partners are vital to Bay Area Girls Club, contributing time, funding, and insight.

Make an Impact

Bay Area Girls Club’s long history of partnerships with corporations and foundations has helped thousands of girls receive the social, wellbeing, educational, and vocational support they need and deserve. Your corporate philanthropy helps BAGC in a number of ways – the impact of corporate donations increases our capacity immensely. Additionally, it fosters employee engagement, generates business value, and creates a positive public image for your business.

Ways to Partner

Corporate Philanthropy

Your corporate social responsibility investment through philanthropic activities such as monetary donations, in-kind gifts/goods, matching gifts, and employee volunteerism dramatically increases Bay Area Girls Club’s reach and efficacy. The benefits are two-fold, in our current purpose-driving economy, consumers gravitate toward cause-driven corporations and businesses – everyone benefits!

Provide a Grant

Corporate and private foundation grants are an essential part of Bay Area Girls Club integrated fundraising program that enables us to provide, and grow, our programs and services. As a steward of your company’s brand, or your foundation’s donors, a grant to Bay Area Girls Club provides your organization an opportunity make an impact by addressing real, current, and specific community needs.

To partner with Bay Area Girls Club contact:

Tiffany Harris | (510) 232-5440 |

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