Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Tiffany Harris, Executive Director

Tiffany Harris headshot

Tiffany Harris was appointed Executive Director of Bay Area Girls Club (formerly known as Girls Inc. of West Contra Costa County) on February 9, 2015. She brings a background of leadership, program management, fund development, and a passion to serve youth to Girls Inc.

Mrs. Harris attended The Branson School and graduated from Holy Names University, with a B.A. in Communications and English. Tiffany has had a long association with BAGC having participated in programming in the 5th and 6th
grades and later as a volunteer. In December 2011 she became an employee initially as a GOAL (Girl Outreach Academic Leader) providing afterschool programs in the West Contra Costa County School District, and then was promoted to be the Program/Office Manager in September 2012. She served as Interim Executive Director for a year before her appointment in 2015 as permanent E.D.

Tiffany is well known and respected in West Contra Costa County. She is well known for her work with PTAs, from the unit level all the way to the district’s level. She is a member of the African American Site Advisory Team for the
school district, and was past Chair of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. And recently she has joined the Richmond Chapter of the Kiwanis International Club.

She is a wife and mother of four: 1 son, 2 daughters and 1 step-daughter. Tiffany brings creativity, management skills, effective leadership and embodies BAGC’s mission to empower girls to be the game changers of tomorrow.

Kimberlee DiBartolo, Development Officer

Portrait of Kimberlee DiBartolo

A native Californian, Kimberlee fell in love with social service organizations when she was a teenager. Inspired through high school community service hours spent at a facility for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Kimberlee immediately developed a deep passion for work in the human service sector.

Decades later, Kimberlee is a passionate and accomplished professional with years of distinguished performance in both the nonprofit and private sector. Kimberlee comes to BAGC as a fundraiser, marketer, advocate, trainer and leader, that has worked with nonprofit organizations on a wide range of social issues including: homelessness, hunger, child abuse/sexual assault, incarceration, foster care, developmental and physical disabilities, mental health, and addiction/recovery. Kimberlee’s unique skillset also includes expertise in marketing, communications, event planning, advertising, media, public elations, and promotions. Kimberlee’s worked in a variety of industries to include: the music industry, performing arts, beauty industry, radio, retail, hospitality, and more.

Specializing in strategic planning, organizational development, campaign planning, community outreach, and program and message development within organizations that serve, and advocate for populations impacted by various challenges, and traditionally underserved, Kimberlee has helped countless nonprofits define, and redefine themselves, through a journey of discovery and definition, to create holistic solutions for a broad array of challenges. By developing sustainable partnerships with individuals and philanthropic and governmental entities, Kimberlee’s expertise has enabled organizations to meet pressing demands head-on! Kimberlee has helped strengthen the core financial health of each nonprofit organization and business with whom she’s worked. . . that is what happens when one LOVES fund development, marketing and mostly, helping people!

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