GETT (Girls Eager to Train) to Work

An Innovative Employability Program

At Bay Area Girls Club (BAGC), our goal is to provide girls opportunities to change their own narrative and forge new pathways to educational and vocational success. We accomplish our goals through innovative programming, positive role modeling/mentorship, comprehensive instruction/training, and a supportive environment. Our objective is to encourage personal growth and develop the program participants’ self-esteem and confidence by imparting knowledge, training, and exposure to diverse life topics.

A core target issue that BAGC strives to address is gender and racial inequity for girls of color. A profound disparity exists for girls around vocational programs and/or training opportunities. BAGC understands that in addition to core racial and gender bias/discrimination the barrier to employment is most often lack of resources and exposure to opportunities.

GETT to Work Program

BAGC’s Workforce development and mentorship training for girls is a 10-week program offered to High School (ages 15-18) and Middle School (ages 11-14). The GETT To Work program addresses a profound need and fills the void in the availability of workforce readiness and financial education. Our GETT To Work program is offered FREE of charge to all participants.

GETT To Work provides 165 hours of training and instruction in the following areas:

  • Workforce Readiness: professionalism, time management, interviewing, job search/application, business etiquette, inventory, merchandising, customer service, general administrative assistance and more.
  • People Skills: leadership training, conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, teamwork, public speaking, and critical thinking.
  • Financial Literacy: money management, establishing checking/savings account, budgeting, financial planning, credit history, etc.
  • Paid Internship: Upon completion of the 10-week program, participants will apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills at a 180-hour internship working for BAGC partner businesses where they will receive supervision and ongoing support.

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